Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some things you might like to know before hiring our machines;

  • What do I need to check before I start digging? - It is important that you check for any signs of underground services in the area you are going to be digging. This could be anything from drainage, gas, electricity, telephone or anything that could be damaged by a machine.
  • Who is responsible for the machine? - You are responsible for any damage, or theft to any of the machines whilst on hire to yourself. Some household insurances may cover you for your period of hire, but you would need to speak to your insurer for information on this.
  • What do I need to check when choosing a digger/before I hire? - Access, often on sites you may find that access is restricted, make sure that you know the minimum width and height of the route you are going to be using, this will then help to steer you in the right direction of which digger would be best. Job Type, getting the right type of machine for the job is also very important, you will need to work out how deep you will be needing to dig, as this will also help to narrow down which digger would be best for you to hire.
  • I haven't driven a digger before, is this a problem? Do I need a licence? - Legally, no! You do not need any requirement to driver one of these diggers. We will give you all the talk on controls and the safe operation of the machine when we deliver to you. If you are working on a site you might find that they will require you to obtain such certificate, but discuss this with them.