Our Doorway Digger is a huge customer favourite!

Little access?  Small gate? .. Job done!

Our doorway digger is literally what it says on the tin, made for all of them little jobs you never thought you'd be able to do! 

1.5 Ton Digger 

Our 1.5 Ton Digger, with its built in extending tracks it is very handy for them narrow jobs, or getting down the narrow paths to the site. 

3 Ton Digger

Our 3 Ton Machine, great machine for those slightly bigger jobs! With its comfy cab ready for any weather. 

Breakers are available to hire with all of our excavators, for more information see the 'Equipment' page.

1 Ton Skip Loading Dumpers

To transfer all your materials from A to B, for a quicker & easier service for yourself or even your customer.

Our ride-on dumpers are great to use along side a machine & get the job done! 

Track Dumpers

Our stand-on track dumpers are a customer favourite, especially when it comes to fitting through those garden gates.